Overview – Paleo 2.0 Diet

Paleo 2.0 is a term to describe a more enlightened and scientific approach to a Paleo style diet. One purpose is to distinguish this more saturated-fat friendly paleo approach from the lipophobia found in Cordain’s The Paleo Diet. Within Paleo 2.0, saturated fat is considered by many to be the most healthful fat, and . . . → Read More: Overview – Paleo 2.0 Diet

Overview – Paleo Diet

Paleo is short for Paleolithic, which means old stone age, and the old stone age is what the diet is about. The idea is to eat the foods that we have been adapted to for millions of years and avoid foods that are relatively new. The Paleolithic age ended about 10,000 years ago with . . . → Read More: Overview – Paleo Diet

Review – Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta

Dreamfields Pasta Overview

Dreamfield’s is a popular low carb pasta option marketed to those following a low carb diet and to those with diabetes. Dreamfields uses a particular manufacturing process where the carbs normally found in traditional pasta are “protected” so that they cannot be as easily digested.

The end result is that . . . → Read More: Review – Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta

Review – Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is a more strongly structured version of a “good carb” diet that has become popular lately such as the South Beach diet program. Like some of the these other good carb diets it focuses on low-fat protein, low glycemic carbs (“good carbs”), and heart-healthy fats to achieve weight loss as well . . . → Read More: Review – Zone Diet

Review – South Beach diet

The South Beach diet is another “good carb” – high protein type diet plan that has become very popular. It was developed by a cardiologist and is very heart-healthy. South Beach emphasizes fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and whole grains along with legumes, lean protein, and “good fats” like fish oil and olive oil. What sets . . . → Read More: Review – South Beach diet

Review – Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is more of a support system than a particular diet program; it has been around for 45 years and has evolved as the years have gone by, but one of the main emphases behind has been about getting support from others to help you stick to the program such as attending local . . . → Read More: Review – Weight Watchers

Review – Nutrisystems

Nutrisystems is a pre-packaged meal plan (you purchase all of your main meals as microwaveable dinners) that stresses good carbs with protein and fiber and low fat. The commercials emphasize the “Glycemic advantage,” which basically means that the diet focuses on foods with a low glycemic index (“good carbs”). The lower the glycemic index, . . . → Read More: Review – Nutrisystems

Review – Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig diet plan combines one-on-one support with pre-packaged meals. A personal consultant will help you design a program and meets with you once a week. Personal support such as this is very important for some people. They don’t really emphasize the nutritional approach they are taking, but the programs are set at certain . . . → Read More: Review – Jenny Craig Diet

Review – Atkins Diet

Atkins is as a very low carb diet plan. The idea is that your body will metabolize fat instead of sugar. The main advantage to the Atkins diet for some people is that you can eat plenty of fat, so it does not seem like a diet, and this makes it easy for some . . . → Read More: Review – Atkins Diet