Article – Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta and Carb Blockers

Dreamfields Pasta and Carb Blocker pills are two popular approaches to limiting carbs in one’s diet. It is interesting that they share similar concepts towards weight control, though the mechanism that each employs is different. This article provides information about these two popular diet products as well as reviews the similarities and differences. The best aspects of each are analyzed in this review.

Blocking Carbs

The shared weight loss idea that both Dreamfield’s pasta and carb blockers adhere to is to block the digestion of carbs. Not only does blocking carbs reduce the number of calories in a particular meal, it also reduces the impact on blood sugar levels. This is an important concept in many popular diets such as Nutrisystems, South Beach, and The ZONE just to name a few.

Blood Sugar and Glycemic Index

Foods with less impact on blood sugar are often referred to as low glycemic foods. The glycemic index is a scale of how quickly foods get converted to blood sugar. Keeping blood sugar levels steady is an important part of many weight loss plans. Steady bloody sugar controls appetite, prevents cravings, and helps regulate metabolism and fat burning. Spikes in blood sugar will trigger your body to convert blood sugar into fat.

Good Carbs and Bad Carbs

Foods like white bread and potatoes have a high glycemic index because they are easily and quickly converted to blood sugar during digestion. These are sometimes referred to as bad carbs. Good carbs are low glycemic foods. These foods have various properties that slow down the conversion of carbs to blood sugar. Often the good carbs are bound with fiber, protein, and/or fat that works to slow down or block digestion of the carbs.

Dreamfields Pasta approach

The approach that Dreamfields pasta takes to block carbs is to bind the carbs up even tighter with fiber. In Dreamfields pasta the carbs are just tougher to breakdown and digest. Most of the carbs pass through digestion without having a chance to be released into the blood stream. This is beneficial to diets because there are less calories and because there is less impact on blood sugar. Dreamfields claims that a clinical study reports that their pasta has 65% less impact on blood sugar than regular pasta.

Carb Blocker Pill approach

The Phase 2 Carb Blocker pill approach is to instead of making the carbs tougher to digest, it makes certain key digestive enzymes less effective at carrying out the digestion of carbs. There are specific enzymes produced by the pancreas designed to convert carbs to blood sugar, and Carb Blocker pills use an all-natural, concentrated extract from white kidney beans to neutralize these key enzymes. It is the same idea as using an antacid to neutralize stomach acid, but in this case the neutralizing agent works on carb digesting enzymes. This extract, called phaseolamin or “Phase 2″ has been clinically proven to aid weight loss and reduce glycemic index of foods.

Which Works Best

Dreamfields pasta and carb blocker pills with Phase 2 achieve the same effect of less digestion of carbs and less impact on blood sugar levels. Which works best may vary from individual to individual. The advantage to carb blockers is that carbs can be blocked in all types of foods whereas Dreamfields is specific to pasta. Because they each employ two different methods, it gives one different options to try in case the other is not as effective for them personally, for whatever reason (personally I go overboard whenever I eat pasta).

The effectiveness of each will be limited to a certain extent, so one cannot go overboard consuming carbs with either if the goal is to lose weight. Dreamfields pasta will start to lose its effectiveness if it is over-cooked, and may also be affected by such factors as how long one stores leftovers, what kind of sauce is used, what is drank with it, et cetera. The carb blocker pills with Phase 2 will reduce the carbs digested, but what percentage could vary depending on various factors.

A good way to look at is that these diet products can turn bad carbs into good carbs.

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