Review – Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta

Dreamfields Pasta Overview

Dreamfield’s is a popular low carb pasta option marketed to those following a low carb diet and to those with diabetes. Dreamfields uses a particular manufacturing process where the carbs normally found in traditional pasta are “protected” so that they cannot be as easily digested.

The end result is that the carbs are blocked, and less make their way into the blood stream leading to less of a spike in blood sugar levels. This is primary goal of most low carb and “good carb” diets – to limit spikes in the blood sugar. The added benefit of undigested carbs is that less carbs mean less calories as well.

The Good

  • Dreamfields does taste good and for many people is indistinguishable in taste from regular pasta, unlike other options such as whole wheat pasta.

  • It has twice the soluble fiber as regular pasta. Soluble fiber is the same type found in oatmeal and helps to control cholesterol among other benefits to a healthy diet.

  • A clinical study showed that Dreamfield’s pasta had a glycemic index 65% lower than regular pasta. This means that the impact on blood sugar was 65% lower; this is very good news for diabetics and low carb / good carb dieters.

The Questions

  • It is not clear if other studies support or dispute Dreamfields claim of a 65% lower glycemic index, what methodology was used, and how close to real world situation was studied. An independent review of the studies would be nice.

  • It is not clear what factors affect the “protection” of the carbs from digestion. Dreamfield’s box says not to overcook. Does overcooking release more carbs? Does mixing it with spaghetti sauce and storing the leftovers for a few days release more of the carbs? How protected are the carbs from these real world occurrences?

Other options to Review

  • Fortified Pasta – (like Barilla Plus) fortified with extra protein, fiber, and omega 3, which will all help lower the glycemic index and displace carbs that will otherwise be converted to sugar

  • Whole wheat pasta – more fiber will lower the glycemic index and displace carbs that will otherwise be converted to sugar

  • Carb Blocker Pills – use plant extracts (often called “Phase 2″) to counteract key digestive enzymes, blocking the digestion of carbs. It can be used for all kinds of foods, not just pasta. It is a similar concept to taking Beano or Rolaids to counteract whatever is going on in your digestive system.

Carb Blocker Pills

Carb blocker pills, such as Dietrine, use a concentrated extract from white kidney beans (Phase 2 – Phaseolamin) to counteract a key digestive enzyme produced in the pancreas. When the enzyme is neutralized in your intestines, then the carbs go undigested. It is a similar concept to using an antacid to counteract stomach acid and seems to be a good alternative to review, especially if on a diet.

Stopping the digestion of carbs is the same concept as in Dreamfield’s pasta, but the carb blocker diet pills take a different approach. Dreamfield’s approach is to bind the carbs up with fiber and other elements to “protect” the carbs. The carb blockers on the other hand counteract certain digestive enzymes before they have a chance to breakdown the carbs.

The advantage to the carb blocker pills is that you are not just limited to pasta, you can limit the digestion of carbs in all kinds of food. Dreamfields low carb pasta and carb blocker pills are discussed more in another article.

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