Tip – Supplements for Motivation

Supplements for Motivation

Supplements for Motivation

Motivation problems?

Are there any supplements for motivation?

There are various kinds of supplements that are beneficial to increasing motivation. There are three major categories:

Motivation Supplements

- those that address nutrient deficiencies,
- neural regulators
- energizers

Basic Nutrient Replenishers

Many people have nutrient deficiencies today. These affect the efficiency of many bodily processes like energy conversion which can be detrimental to getting and staying motivated.

Many trace minerals like selenium and chromium have been depleted from the soil due to industrial farming. Modern humans also tend to eat less organ meats like liver that were important in supplying these. “Eating healthy” cannot replace all of these because they are missing from the food chain.

Recommended Supplements:
Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

Neural Regulators



These are supplements designed to help regulate brain chemistry. It is not really that natural to be unmotivated. Before modern times, if you were not motivated you would starve. Modern stresses, unnatural lighting and sleep patterns, and poor diet can all be detrimental to optimum brain chemistry.

Improving brain chemistry will improve motivation. These motivation supplements help to improve the function of brain chemicals that help keeps us motivated, alert, emotionally balanced, and well rested.



Motivation Supplements

Motivation Supplements

Energizers are often the most effective motivation supplements. For many people, lack of motivation is simply lack of energy. With adequate energy, many people find themselves quite motivated. The extreme example is the stories of people addicted to stimulants that are constantly cleaning their homes because they are so motivated.

Harsh chemical stimulants are unhealthy and dangerous, but there are safe all-natural alternatives that work with your body instead of against it. Ginsing, green tea, and other herbals have been used for centuries as proven energizers and motivators.

Phix Energy
Energy Xtension
Now Energy

Other Products

Subliminal Messages for Motivation

Subliminal Motivation

$11.97 MP3 / $17.97 CD

There is some evidence that subliminal messages – messages directed toward the subconcious mind rather than the concious mind – can be effective in various circumstances. RealSubliminal has CDs and MP3s designed for Extreme Self Motivation. For many people this can be highly effective. MP3s start at $11.97.

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